Hi! Welcome to my portfolio. I'm Renée and I am a multi–disciplinary communication designer based out of Vancouver. I have a background in urban planning, affordable housing policy and urban design but it was ultimately my passion for design that led me to where I am today. I have a fondness for information design, including infographics and cartography and I also work with typography, hand lettering, illustration, branding, advertising, publication and web. My approach to design is one that is encompasses both my love for research and aesthetics. You can be assured that whatever project I am working on, my solutions are comprehensive; they are conceptual, thoroughly thought out and researched, and designed in the manner which best suits the project. When I'm not designing, you can sometimes catch me eating fire, walking on stilts or spinning on a giant hoop in the air. I also really happen to like bicycles, chocolate, pineapple and making homemade soup.

        Interested in working with me? Please get in touch with me and we can talk about creative solutions to your communication needs. I also work with Holly Truax, illustrator and letterer extraordinaire and I am a certified designer on Visual.ly.

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( A little video for those of you who won't get a chance to see my creative resumé in person! )
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email me | +1 604 754 9330 | east vancouver

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