The Vancouver East Side Culture Crawl is an annual event that showcases East Vancouver's creatives in a unique manner that allows the public to intimately see the artists' creative workspaces that are otherwise closed to the public. 

Current marketing for the event plays heavily on East Van symbology but did not strongly embody the purpose of the event. 

We wanted to rethink how the event can be marketed to truly embody its purpose by getting intimate and personal with the artists themselves. A poster series was developed with photography of different artist's workspaces and quotes as to why these spaces are so integral to them, their process and their creativity. A small preview for the public to understand what they can experience with this event. 
As this is a artistic event, we also wanted to encourage other people to play with their own creativity. Tactile advertising was displayed in an around East Vancouver neighbourhoods. Left on its own, the advertising became public art as individuals let their curiosity get the better of them. 
Thanks for visiting!