In 2015 my paternal grandfather's health was wavering and we weren't sure whether or not he would be passing on soon. I realized that I knew very little about my family. In fact, many first-generation Canadian/American born Chinese (CBCs and ABCs) know very little about their family history. Is it born from a reluctance and hesitation to really truly connect between children and parents in our culture? Is it that the past is the past and the our elders don't wish to relive the ghosts of their history? 
I began to undertake, to the best of my abilities, genealogical research of my family with particular focus on my grandparents so that I could understand more about who they are, before it was too late. Through the help of my aunt, father and sister, we pieced together stories and memories to create this anthology to remember and honour Yeye and Mama.​​​​​​​